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nOV 4-5 2019

nOV 4-5 2019


Our collaborative came together to create the Carbon Sink Demonstration Farm at Pauma Tribal Farms to ground truth strategies for adapting to and mitigating for climate change.​  We believe we can evolve our food system through

1) re-integrating indigenous foodways;

2) supporting farmer-led demonstration projects; and

3) engaging technical assistance providers, consumers, policy makers, scientists and advocates. 

This November 4th and 5th, we invite you to investigate our efforts, glean useful information for your own farms or organizations, and advance our collective efforts toward broader, systemic change.

participation is now limited to those who are already signed up.

1.  support a delegation. Make a financial contribution to amplify our impact.

2.  follow the action. Social media updates at:  

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A traditional conference brings together individuals for education and inspiration.  A convergence brings together delegations with the purpose of building power and inciting action.  Attendees will be invited to join one of four delegations:

Hands in the Earth (Farmers, Ranchers, Traditional Foodways Practitioners)

Our primary audience for this convergence is the people who connect with soil every day. Farmers, ranchers and traditional foodways practitioners will be asked to bring their experiences, concerns, and questions and will have the opportunity to:

- see carbon sink practices in action and learn how they link to local ecology;

- connect with technical assistance providers who can help them actualize their own projects; and

- share their a vision for a resilient and just food system.

Knowledge to Share (Scientists and Technical Advisors)

A delegation of technical assistance providers, soil scientists, traditional foodways practitioners and climate-focused academics will be assembled to:

- update one-another on initiatives, opportunities and challenges;

- connect directly with farmers and ranchers to scale up carbon farming; and

- advocate for the best measurement and implementation strategies to achieve climate targets.

Voices with Vision (Policy Makers and Tribal Leadership)

We need decision makers to understand carbon farming from the ground up.  Therefore, this delegation will:

- see carbon farming practices first hand and hear from farmers, ranchers and technical assistance providers on the successes and challenges of implementation;

- get updated on the best science around soil building and quantifying mitigation; and

- learn about best practices and policies from agencies that are ahead of the pack.

Movement Builders (Students, Funders, Health Practitioners, Educators, Retailers)

Addressing climate change through carbon farming will take a base of passionate and committed advocates across the food system.  We hope to build powerful partnerships by:

- discussing and documenting the connection between carbon farming, community health, environmental quality, and a secure food system;

- building "consumer" facing opportunities to promote carbon farming; and

- identifying opportunities for advocacy and activism.


Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the cost for attending the Carbon Sink Farming Convergence is $0.  If you have the means, we request you make a donation to support the success of the event by clicking here.

Meals for the convergence can be purchased on the Logistics Page and purchase options will also be emailed to you when you are accepted as a delegate. 

Pre-conference Field Trips will have a cost of $30/participant to cover the cost of transportation.  To reserve a space on one of the pre-conference field trips, click here.